Strong, flexible. Our high-grade metals!

Our sinter metal (cobalt-chrome alloy), 100 % deformation-resistant, with no distortions or stresses in the metal structure, is the right material for the realization of single crowns, bridges up to 14-units, metal frameworks, telescopes, bars, attachments as well as post and cores.
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Our cobalt-chrome, at the same time hard and elastic, is particularly suited for delicate but resistant structures. This is the perfect material for the manufacture of bar constructions and metal frameworks that will be veneered with ceramic.
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Our titanium grade 5, extremely health-friendly and corrosion-resistant, is particularly suited for the manufacture of implant restorations that will be veneered with ceramics, primary structures, friction and retention bars, as well as implant constructions, individual abutments and tooth-borne restorations.
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