Computer-based Dental Diagnostic symposium – The natural plane 

Computer-based Dental Diagnostic symposium

Computer-based dental diagnostics: digital and analogue patient analysis with PlaneSystem®.
Appointment: 04th – 07th October 2023
Foster your culture and digitalise your workflow immersed in the inspiring energy
of the Klinik DeMedici
MDT Udo Plaster, MDT Marco Heidel, DT Jürgen Feierabend & physiotherapist Ralf Hergenroether
"Man masters nature not by force, but by understanding"
Content: Regardless of the type of workflow that a dental technician adopts for the creation of dental restorations (digital vs traditional), the exact acquisition of patient data paves the way for a complete healing. In Computer Dental Diagnostics, with MDT Udo Plaster participants could gain in-depth understanding of the PlaneSystem® approach - an innovative method for digital patient analysis based on a comprehensive view of the human being.

By taking part in, participants will achieve a new level of knowledge, guided by MDT Udo Plaster in the treatment of a real patient case. After the patient analysis based on the PlaneSystem® method learnt, participants will mill a mock-up or a bite splint following both a digital and a traditional workflow with Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM technologies and tools. During the event, the effects of an accurate and individual bite splint in physiotherapy will also be evaluated.

MDT Udo Plaster's approach derives its increasing success from the innovative yet simple acquisition of patient-specific information, which considers how the maxilla and the mandible relate to the rest of the body based on the patient's Natural Head Position. The patient's precise data can be implemented 1:1 into the virtual world, allowing for a better achievable function and aesthetics design of restorations in the digital environment. With the principle of "you get what you really want", the PlaneSystem® allows dentists to provide their patients with a comprehensive consultation based on 100% individual and predictable outcomes, resulting in a greater engagement of the patient, who can now feel part of the treatment pathway.

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Quotations of participants & Udo Plaster:

"I started developing the PlaneSystem® approach because I was not fully satisfied of the results obtained by conventional methods, such as facebows or transferbows. What I was looking for was a more accurate alternative to improve my working procedures, which would allow me to reach more precise results, and I never expected that my personal approach would reach so many labs and practices around the world! Thanks to the collaboration with Zirkonzahn, the PlaneSystem® could enter the virtual dimension, with a total integration into Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM workflow, which is based on the 1:1 transfer of all patient individual data accurately recorded."
(Udo Plaster, MDT)

"This course completely changed the way I worked and addressed the cases."
(DT. João Neto, NAKOZPD – Laboratório de Protese Dentaria LDA, Portugal)

"Loved the course. Udo simplified a complicated thing with his predictable workflow and philosophy. It was very useful for my daily work in the practice. I had access to the PlaneFinder® one year ago and instead of "playing" with it, I learned now how to use it."
(Dr. Felipe Franco de Sousa, Buskequilibrio, LDA, Portugal)

"The course with Udo Plaster greatly exceeded my expectations, gifting me with a new and exceptional working approach. This will shake up completely the idea that I have about care, study and attention on every single technical case"
(DT. Loris Brioli, Fusion Dental Ceramics LTD, UK)
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October 2023

Appointment City Venue Time Register
04/10/2023 - 07/10/2023 Molini di Tures Klinik DeMedici
Gewerbegebiet 3
39032 Molini di Tures, Italy