Personal website 

Go online and create your personalised online presence with a predefined structure with the Zirkonzahn layout. The website will help you to get known in the web and to present yourself to customers and potential customers with a clean and professional image. The Website is easy to use and moves you and the quality of your work in the focus.

Item number: SY5010

The website has a lot of advantages:

  • You can keep the usual domain of your website
  • Predefined layouts
  • Smart management of the documents you would like to provide for your clients
  • Predefined gallery with the photos of our dental technicians' best cases
  • With only a few clicks you can change pictures, texts, menu pages, colours and design of your personal website at any time, to keep your website always up to date

Personal Website – the team

Present your team and give your jobs your face!

In this section you can insert a description of your lab's principles and of the CAD/CAM technologies that you use.

Personal Website – the materials

Show all the materials you work with.

Personal Website – the gallery

Your works speak for you!

In this section you can demonstrate your abilities with impressive pictures of your cases. You can also take pictures that are already available for you in our gallery.

Personal Website – download portal

The informative material that we produce is uploaded automatically to the Download portal ready for your clients.

In the Download portal you can also add advertising and informative materials about your lab or personalised instructions for your dentists.