Raw-Abutment® Inspector 

The Raw-Abutment® Inspector made from hygienic stainless steel is a support device for post milled Raw-Abutments®. With the suction cup foot, the device can easily be fixed on all smooth surfaces. With the 360° rotatable and adjustable supporting arm it is possible to align the Raw-Abutments® in such a way under the microscope, so that they can be visually inspected. Furthermore the support device is also suitable for polishing post milled Raw-Abutments®.  For this purpose, the Zirkonzahn Diamond Polishing Paste is especially recommended.
Properties at a glance
  • Easy fixing of post milled Raw-Abutments®
  • hygienic Stainless steel (inox)
  • Easy to fix suction cup foot
  • 360° rotatable  supporting arm
  • Facilitates the visual inspection and polishing of post milled Raw-Abutments® (e.g. with Zirkonzahn Diamond Polishing Paste)

Numer katalogowy:   ZBAA9761