Temp Premium 

Resin blanks Temp Premium are milled with the corresponding PMMA milling bur set and used for the manufacture of short or long term temps. Our resin blanks are completely void of harmful substances or irritants. Temp Premium blanks are set apart by their high translucency, surface density and extra fracture resistance. They are suitable for secondary or tertiary temporary restorations. For occlusal splints we offer a special clear resin blanks.
Our Temp Premium resin will be replaced by our new Prime resin. This resin, with improved material properties, is particularly suitable for the fabrication of long-term temporaries as well as restorations from single crowns to large bridges.

Temp Premium 

Temp Premium A1-B1 95H16

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A1-B1, A2-A3, B2-B3, C2-C3: Resin with improved material properties for the manufacture of single crowns to large bridges as well as for long-term provisionals

Transpa: Transparent resin with improved material properties for the manufacture of bite splints

Processing with CAD/CAM milling bur

Atenção: Para o fresagem inicial do TEMP Pemium use somente la broca: CAD/CAM Broca de frésagem 2 L PMMA Premium!
(Código do Artigo: FR034)

Fresado com o sistema CAD/CAM 5-TEC da Zirkonzahn


Veneering of a bridge made of Temp Premium with composites

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Cementation of a friction coping made from Tecno Med on a Temp Premium secondary structure

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