Step forward... you have talent, a lot of experience and many hobbies? Zirkonzahn can offer you a varied activity and career opportunities. You’ll be thrilled by the great variety and sheer quantity and attractiveness of the prospects we can open up to you, to help you get something started, grow professionally and fulfil your ambitions.

Working with Zirkonzahn is different. You will be tackling challenges that can help you grow.
You will be inspired by and be proud of your work, because whichever sector you’re working in, you’ll always be part of a bigger project.
Surprise yourself and the whole world!

We are a performance-oriented company, learning and teaching at the same time.
We can offer you a safe job, in a perspective of international growth, and promote new development pathways to ensure well-being and a certain future to those who work with us and, consequently, to our communities.
We can also offer interesting job prospects in different fields, especially marketing, sales and research & development. This broad range of possibilities can provide you with numerous growth opportunities, whether you’re just out of school or have been working in the sector for many years, having built up a long experience.
We cultivate a creative work environment, an ideal setting for teamwork, because it’s not our ambition to remain solitary warriors.
Our goal is to conquer the market through innovation, with the plentiful ideas we intend to develop. Commitment, closeness to clients, sense of responsibility and flexibility are the key values underlying our day to day activities.
Come and join our dynamic and motivated staff!

Human resources are the most valuable assets of a company. Commit yourself wholeheartedly, do the job you want to do and exploit your capabilities!

Zirkonzahn is a young up-and-coming enterprise, oriented to growing on the dental market worldwide. Over 280 people from 15 different countries already work at our Gais/South Tyrol headquarters manufacturing hand-held milling machines, high-precision optical scanners, software, 5-axis CNC milling units and high-tech dental materials for our branches and commercial partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

We need to strengthen our staffing levels and so we’re looking out for qualified and determined people who want to achieve significant goals.



There is a high demand for language skills at Zirkonzahn, hence they can constitute an advantage for your application!

We offer attractive career opportunities. We will be glad to answer any further questions you may have about job specifications and required qualifications in a personal interview. Discretion assured.

Phone +39 0474 066 603
 Type of contact  Cover letter, CV(with photo, if possible) and possible start date 


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