Zirkonofen 600/V3 (Sintering Furnace) 

Improved air circulation
Adjustable up to 1.700 °C (caters for latest developments in zirconia technology and
advanced sintering programmes)
Modern high quality design (with Sicurit glass panels)
4,3” colour touchscreen control panel
10 preset programmes
Updatable via USB port
Memory for up to 2000 programmes
Special sintering programmes upon request of the customer

Technical data:

Size (W x H x D)   39,4 x 69,3 x 46 cm

Weight   57 kg

Output Power   700 W

Combustion Chamber Capacity   0,6 l

Dimension Combustion Chamber (W x H x D)   6 x 10 x 10 cm

Max. Temperature   1700° C

Vacuum   No

Capacity   approx. 60 elements