NOVOImporting external data into the Zirkonzahn Software 

Did you already know that you can easily import and export files from third-party or intraoral scanners into/from the Zirkonzahn software?

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Blank registration in the nesting software via webcam 

With the easy blank registration via webcam, any error which may occur during the manual blank registration, can be avoided.

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Software.Tipps – Hotkeys 

In the Zirkonzahn.Modellier mock-up software, you can carry out some of the most important commands with useful keyboard and mousepad shortcuts. For example, showing and hiding the antagonist with the tab key or changing the view with the numeric pad, allows for a much faster and more efficient workflow.

Overview of all hotkeys

Titanium Base Extractor 

Removal of titanium bases from lab analogues or implants with the aid of the Titanium Base Extractor.

Natural aesthetics thanks to gold-plated sinter metal structures 

Gold-plated substructures made from sinter metal can give restorations a warm natural colour.
This is the reason why we recommend gold plating sinter metal substructures after milling, refining by hand, sintering, polishing and high gloss polishing. Using electroplating techniques, you can carry out such procedures in your own lab. In this way, zirconia secondary structures gain a natural appearance without grey value.

Limpien los canales de tornillo 

Después de la elaboración de puentes atornillados oclusalmente, puede ocurrir que queden restos de zirconia en los canales de tornillo. Ésta, durante el proceso de fresado, puede quedar pegada en las paredes de los canales de tornillo, lo que puede alterar el resultado del trabajo. Por eso recomendamos limpiar el canal de tornillo y eliminarla con una escobilla especial después del fresado.

Higher accuracy during articulation thanks to the Fine Adjustment function 

Achieving higher accuracy by the additional use of the "Fine Adjustment" function.

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Modelling of partial telescopes 

With the help of the Zirkozahn software, you can model partial telescopes with attachments.

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How to make a dowel without the aid of the model 

“Impression-Scan” in the Zirkonzahn software as a temporary solution.

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Subsequent substitution of scans in the mock up software 

In the Zirkonzahn mock-up software Zirkonzahn.Modellier, you can also exchange
scans subsequently.

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Placement of sintering stabilizers 

Place stabilizers in a precise way to avoid warpage of your restoration in the sintering furnace.

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Mock-Up Support Easy-Fix-System 

With the Easy-Fix Model Holder, fixing of models becomes as easy as child's play!

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Possible reasons for discolorations on the zirconia restauration and how to prevent them 

Possible reasons for discolourations on the zirconia restorations and how to prevent them.

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Scanning and free assignment of individual dies 

Enormous time-savings by using the Multi-Die Holder.

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Bite Splints made from Temp Premium Flexible in functional therapy 

A worthwhile alternative to traditionally used materials.

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Zirconia abutments on titanium bases 

Reduce the force impact on the titanium structure compared to directly screwed structures.

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How to use the scanmarkers correctly 

Helpful tips for the proper use of scanmarkers.

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Combination of virtual tooth forms and natural tooth substance 

Make full use of the potential of the intelligent and natural tooth library Heroes Collection.

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Colouring titanium jewellery 

The Titanium Spectral Colouring Anodizer allows you to anodize more than just titanium
structures in different colours ...

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In order to receive face physiognomic reference points during the modelling, you can also
deposit photos of the patient in the software.

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With this scan trick, you can exclude possible imprecisions and capture also the gingival parts.

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Match the pre-drying time with the stand-by temperature.

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No more ceramic chipping thanks to incisal edge protection.

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