Tecno Med 


Tecno Med and Tecno Med Mineral are two new types of high-performance resins made by Zirkonzahn. Due to their high resistance to plaque and their excellent biocompatibility, Tecno Med and Tecno Med Mineral are especially suitable for the manufacture of permanent dental restorations. Besides, they are also very suitable for the treatment of allergy patients, due to their excellent biocompatibility. A great advantage of these two new resins is their unrestricted sterilisability.

Tecno Med is specifically designed for the manufacture of friction copings on telescopic crowns or attachments.

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The friction copings course – and that’s how it works: Friction copings on telescopes?


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The bar course – Friction copings on bars: What is there to learn?


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Tecno Med 


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High-performance resin for the manufacture of friction copings

Processing with CAD/CAM milling bur

Fresado com o sistema CAD/CAM 5-TEC da Zirkonzahn