Titanium Base Extractor 


Abutments are fitted to laboratory analogues or implants directly on the model or in the patient’s mouth and then screwed down. Implants with flat-angle connection geometries are blocked thanks to the static friction of the two components, which then cannot be separated manually and conventionally without sustaining some damage. The Titanium Base Extractor helps remove the abutments without overstressing the osseointegrated parts or damaging the implants or the laboratory analogues.
The Titanium Base Extractor is screwed into the internal thread of the abutment until the base of the implant is reached. A further screwing ensures the gentle removal of the abutment from the implant or laboratory analogue, avoiding any problems.
You can find the implant systems, where this is required, in the article overview below.
Properties at a glance:

  • Tool for easily removing titanium bases from laboratory analogues or implants
  • Different extractors for different manufacturers
  • Save and fast removal of the abutment from the laboratory analogue and/or implant without damaging either part

Applicable with the following implant systems:

  • Titanium Base Extraktor Dentsply - Ankylos 3,5-7,0
  • Titanium Base Extraktor Camlog - Conelog 3,3-4,3
  • Titanium Base Extraktor Camlog - Conelog 5,0
  • Titanium Base Extraktor Biotech 3,0-5,4
  • Titanium Base Extraktor K3 - 2 mm
  • Titanium Base Extraktor K3 - 3 mm