White Scanmarker – Scanbody également pour l’usage intra oral 

With the White Scanmarker, Zirkonzahn now offers another technical progress. These new scanbodies are used during scanning processes for position detection and alignment of the implant. Hence, during subsequent designing in the CAD/CAM Software, the restorations can be correctly aligned. White Scanmarker are produced in-house and are therefore subject to all proven Zirkonzahn quality controls.

The white surface of the scanbodies made of ceramic-reinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is non-reflecting, which is why White Scanmarker are also suitable for use in the mouth of the patient.  With the intraoral scanner it is possible to exactly determine position and insertion direction of the implant for subsequent registration in the software. Of course, White Scanmarker deliver highly precise results also during use on the model and during scanning with the Scanner S600 ARTI.

Due to the extremely small geometry of the scanmarkers, a scanmarker can be positioned for each implant, despite them being positioned very closely together. The necessary data can hence be gathered in one single scan operation.

There are various implant-based White Scanmarker, which can only be used for the specific indicated system. Here you can find an overview on all implant systems currently stored in our software. Our virtual system library is continually being expanded with new implant systems.