• Skaner optyczny skanujący światłem paskowym S600 ARTI
    wraz z oprogramowaniem do skanowania
  • PC wraz z monitorem
  • Podstawowe oprogramowanie do modelowania


  • Fully automated optical structured-light scanner with 2 high-resolution USB 3.0 cameras (new)
  • Fast scanning thanks to further developed software technology (starting from Zirkonzahn.Scan 5049)
  • High scanning precision ≤ 10 μm
  • The model can be rotated up to 360° and inclined up to 100° in order to detect every point of it
  • Particulary large scanning area for articulator scans and the capture of the entire model in a single scanning process; every kind of lab articulator can be registered
  • Scannable objects: i.a. individual dies, arch segments, full arch models, bite records, opposing dentition (mush bites, entire jaw), wax-ups, veneers, abutments, occlusal registrations, bite rims
  • Double-Scan function for scanning modelled frameworks
  • Scan & Match function: scanning an element from various perspectives and subsequently matching the scans
  • Integrated colour scan option – useful for example when creating casting work structures (new)
  • High-precision axis control and high-precision gears
  • Scanning area is protected from unfavourable ligthing conditions and dust
  • Universal capturing of models with intelligent model acquisition concepts and fast clamping devices (Easy-Fix-System)
  • Easy positioning of the scan model with the help of a laser point
  • Patient-specific information captured with the PlaneSystem® (Udo Plaster, MDT) can be 100 % digitised and implemented
    into the Zirkonzahn.Software
  • Upgradeable

Precyzyjny mechanizm  Ultra-precyzyjne sterowanie osi Dokładne umieszczanie modelu w wybranej pozycji

Dane Techniczne 

Waga 56 kg

Szerokość 48 cm

Wysokość 69 cm

Głębokość 41 cm

Obudowa Hartowane szkło Sicurit UNI ISO 12150

Osie obróbcze 2

Moc 200 W

Napięcie zasilania 110 - 240 V

Pobór mocy 0,9 A (1,9 A)


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