Prettau® Anterior® on Titan

The aesthetic course about Prettau® Anterior® single crowns on an anterior substructure made of anodised titanium


Target group: Zirkonzahn zirconia and system users
Course duration: 2 days
Participants: 4
Venue: Zirkonzahn Education Center Brunico, Education Center Neuler, other venues on request
Content: We show you all necessary digital work steps for the modelling of a primary structure with previously prepared dies, the corresponding full contour teeth set-up as well as the two-colour anodising of a titanium structure. By means of an already prepared and anodised anterior substructure made of titanium, we explain to you how to desing the gingiva with Gingiva-Composites in a very natural way. Together we colour the already prepared six single crowns made of Prettau® Anterior® and subsequently personalise them with ICE Zirkon Stains by Enrico Steger. The final job will be a six-unit anterior substructure made of anodised titanium with cemented Prettau® Anterior® single crowns.

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