Zirkonzahn.Archiv – software de archivo 

  • The intelligent menu helps to create and organise the various cases in a well-arranged manner; creation of sub-projects possible
  • The name of the dentist, the patient, the dental technician and the kind of restoration can be saved and displayed again at any time
  • If desired, patient photos and 3D face scans can be imported via Drag & Drop function
  • 3D viewer as well as several display options are integrated
  • Custom-specific parameters and individual databases can be stored with unencrypted data

O software está disponível nas seguintes línguas:
Alemão, Inglês, Italiano, Espanhol, Francês, Chinês (simplificado), Chinês (tradicional), Grego, Russo, Coreano, Turco, Japonês, Polaco, Português.