CAD/CAM Milling Face Hunter


Curso de introdução à digitalização 3d de pacientes com o scaner facial Face Hunter

Using practical exercises, a Zirkonzahn expert will guide you through the various application possibilities of the Face Hunter!

Grupo alvo: Todos os dentistas e técnicos de próteses dentárias interessados na digitalização de pacientes e na organização do trabalho
Duração do curso: 2,5 dias
Participantes: 4 Pessoas
Local: Zirkonzahn Education Center Brunico, Education Center Neuler, assim como mediante pedido
Conteúdo: Nós descrevemos as possibilidades presentes na digitalização dos pacientes e como se podem integrar digitalmente os dados no trabalho de forma útil. Mostramos-vos de forma exacta como funciona a digitalização com o scaner facial Face Hunter e como se combinam os dados com outras informações digitais existentes (por exemplo, dados intra-orais e Dicom).
Para tal, digitalizamos cada participante. Por fim realizamos em conjunto mock-ups baseados nas digitalizações faciais.
Co przynieść: 2 przegubowych modele własnych zębów  

The Programme
DAY 1 (08:30 – 18:00)
  • The course begins with the presentation of the 3D facial scanner Face Hunter
  • Why should I scan a face in the first place? How can I integrate the facial photos in my digital workflow?
  • Excursion: the PlaneSystem® – a new approach for capturing of patient-specific information
  • Bringing into service the Face Hunter and software settings – what should I prepare for a scan?
  • Definition of the photo technical parameters for the perfect lighting and positioning of the 3D facial scans and the 2D photos
  • We scan you! 3D facial scans from each participant
    • Virtual articulation of the models according to the PlaneSystem® principle
    • As an extra aesthetical information we also take a 2D photo
    • Possibility of importing Dicom and Oral scan data
  • Finally we repeat each important step together

DAY 2 (08:30 – 18:00)
  • Realisation of a bite splint
    • Scanning of the respective models
  • Transmission to the virtual articulator PS1-3D – what are the different options?
  • Matching of the different facial scans, photos and models. Has the positioning been carried out correctly?
  • Use of different planes and reference points for a simplified positioning of the models and anatomies in our virtual modelation
  • With yesterday’s captured date we model the bite splint
  • Together we repeat each important step
  • The bite splint is milled overnight in Temp Premium Flexible Transpa

DAY 3 (08:30 – 12:30)
  • How does the modelation of a mock-up work? We make an “Anterior Prototype Smile"
  • Virtual Modelation of a Mock-Up – various tips and tricks
  • Any questions? Now you have the opportunity! We recapitulate and summarize!

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