CAD/CAM Milling Metal


Metal course – The beginner course about metals

A Zirkonzahn expert introduces you to the world of metal milling with theoretical and practical examples

Grupo alvo: Todos os interessados nos sistemas Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM, assim como novos utilizadores
Duração do curso: 1,5 dias
Participantes: 6 Pessoas
Local: Zirkonzahn Education Center Bruneck assim como mediante pedido
Conteúdo: Em primeiro lugar apresentamos-vos alguns factos sobre os diversos materiais e fresadoras. Depois modelamos em conjunto possíveis indicações como abutments, coroas e pontes e preparamos as fresadoras para o processamento.
Vamos mostrar-vos exatamente a que devemos tomar atenção no processamento de restaurações em metal e damos-vos várias dicas para a organização do trabalho.

Two days of metal
Day 1
We welcome you with a cup of coffee

  • Let’s start with the theoretical part
    • What do I need to know about the milling burs?
    • What about the machines? General information about the milling units (construction, speed, air consumption, cooling, spindle, power consumption, etc.)
    • What makes titanium, chrome-cobalt and sinter metal so particular? How are the two materials handled?

  • Abutments, crowns and bridges – we get started with the modelling of the different indications

In between times we have lunch together

  • We proceed with nesting and the correct calculation of the work

  • We prepare the machine for milling:
    • What precautions should I take for the processing of Raw Abutments® ?
    • What do I need to know about calibrating?
    • Proper fixing of the titanium, chrome-cobalt and sinter metal blanks
    • Do I have to refrigerate? Do I have to use a lubricator?
    • The filter: proper positioning, proper maintenance and proper cleaning of the filter
    • What precautions should I take for the processing of glass ceramics or composite blanks?

  • Get to the machine! Now we start milling!
    • Step by step milling“ – We explain every single step of the milling process
    • Let’s start the milling

  • What else must I know? Proper cleaning and maintenance of the machines

  • What other materials can be processed with the "metal machine M1 Wet Heavy Metal What must I know about these materials?

We call it a day!

Day 2

We start the day with a nice cup of coffee

  • A comprehensive review of the previous day helps to remember
    • Together we eye up the milling results

  • We go to the next level and devote ourselves to the modelling of bridges and telescopes

  • You still have questions? Ask now!

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