Complete CAD/CAM system 

Milling Unit   Scanner   PC + Screen   Software   Cam

Possibilidades de combinações indefinidos 


O Seu sistema CAD/CAM personalizado

Reequipável a qualquer momento com possibilidades
de combinações indefinidos

Into the future independently with the open system 

With our products we offer a complete solution for the fabrication of quality dental restorations. We develop and manufacture all necessary components from hardware to software, materials and elaboration tools here in South Tyrol. Only in this way can we perfectly coordinate the individual production steps with each other. Our software, scanners and the Face Hunter facial scanner generate open data formats (e.g. STL, OBJ). The data is therefore generally compatible with all open CAD software, milling units or 3D printers. Of course, also open scan data or modelling data from other manufacturers can be processed with our Zirkonzahn software, nested and implemented in our Zirkonzahn milling units.