новыйSet Screwdriver Lab & Screwdriver Holder MagPrism

The Screwdriver Lab is used to fix and loosen various screws on the model (not certified for intraoral use). The Screwdriver Holder MagPrism was developed for a safe and tidy storage of the working tools.

The Universal Screwdriver Set is also available with screwdrivers and tools to fix and loosen abutments and abutment screws in the patient`s mouth or on the model.

Set Screwdriver Lab & Screwdriver Holder MagPrism   Universal Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver for working on the model and holder for a safe storage of the working tools 

  Screwdriver for model screws
The Screwdriver Lab is suitable to fix and loosen various screws on the model (not certified for intraoral use).
  Various systems
To provide more flexibility, the Screwdriver Lab is available for different systems. The system library is constantly expanded.
  Different lengths
For an optimal workflow, the screwdrivers are available in different lengths.
  Safe storage
The new Screwdriver Holder MagPrism permits the storage of up to three Screwdriver Lab in an orderly and organised manner. 
  Magnetic holders
The Screwdriver Holder MagPrism features a magnetic surface that allows to combine several holders and store additional screwdrivers in a safe and tidy manner.
  Non-slip rubber pads
At the bottom of the Screwdriver Holder MagPrism, non-slip rubber pads have been integrated to ensure a secure and stable hold on the work surface. 
  Colour-coded screwdrivers
Depending on the implant system, the Screwdriver Lab are colour-coded on their rotary head.
  Colour-coded screw
The screw supplied with the screwdriver features the same colour code.
  Perfect identification of the screwdrivers
To easily identify the screwdriver and its respective slot, the colour-coded screw is inserted into the thread of the MagPrism Screwdriver Holder.

Available for different systems



      Astra Tech

WMSM and Impression Coping

      Zimmer Dental®

Zirkonzahn Ball-Head

      Biomet 3i



Nobel Biocare®

      Thommen Medical


      Dentsply Sirona® Xive® 1.22 mm
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