новыйM2 Dual Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit

Overview of the characteristics 

  • Computer-controlled two-chamber milling unit with orbit ⌀ 95 mm in both milling chambers
  • Separate milling chambers enable sequential wet and dry processing of the materials without manual in-between cleaning
  • Stand-alone solution: Integrated PC with touch screen for direct control (loading of tools, controlling of milling and calibration processes)
  • Fully automated 5+1 axis simultaneous milling technology
  • The following blanks can be inserted (for some, holders are required): Material blanks with ⌀ 95mm as well as glass-ceramic and Raw-Abutment® blanks
  • High-performance milling spindle with optimised cooling water supply for particularly gentle material elaboration
  • With wet processing function for processing all common dental materials and kinds of restorations (zirconia, resin, wax, Sintermetall, cobalt-chrome, titanium, Raw-Abutments®, glass-ceramics and composite)
  • CAD/CAM milling bur 6 mm and orbit with opposed rotary axes (A and B) for a stable elaboration process; elaboration time can be varied by selecting different surface qualities
  • Spaciously designed, optimally illuminated and easily accessible milling chambers
  • Contamination-protected tool chamber separated from the milling chambers, with automatic 21-compartment tool changer function and space for up to two additional tool magazines with 21 tool slots each (3x21); up to 63 tool slots
  • Optical tool detection for a secure selection of the suitable milling tools
  • Automatic self-cleaning and drying function and Cleaning Kit for manual cleaning

The M2 Dual Wet Heavy Metal milling unit can be upgraded to the M2 Dual Teleskoper milling unit or the M2 Dual Double Teleskoper milling unit by integrating the Teleskoper Orbit ⌀ 125 mm. This enables the elaboration of material blanks with a diameter of ⌀ 95 mm, ⌀ 98 mm, ⌀ 106 mm and ⌀ 125 mm. It also increases the number of glass-ceramic and Raw-Abutment® blanks that can be elaborated in one milling process.


  новый! Tool magazine D6
with 21 tool slots for the storage and organisation of tools

товарный номер: ZBAC4201
  новый! Ioniser M2 / M2 Dual right
Device for the electrostatic discharge of plastic shavings for more cleanliness during the milling process

товарный номер: ZBAC3321
  Raw-Abutment® Holder
Holder for fixing and for the serial processing of up to three prefabricated titanium abutment blanks (Raw-Abutments®) in the Zirkonzahn milling unit with ⌀ 95 mm orbit

товарный номер: ZBAC1691
  Glass Ceramics Holder
Holder for fixing and for the serial processing of up to four glass ceramic blanks in the Zirkonzahn milling unit with ⌀ 95 mm orbit

товарный номер: ZBAC1651   
  JawPositioner Support
Support used to fix the JawPositioner into the ⌀ 95 mm orbit of the Zirkonzahn milling unit

товарный номер: ZBAC3511


Processable materials 

 Zirconia  Resin  Wax  Wood  Sinter
 Titanium  Raw-

Technical specifications 


Weight 240 kg

Width 125 cm + 15 cm Cleaning Kit

Height 69 cm

Depth 66 cm

Casing Hardened Securit glass UNI ISO 12150

Processing axes 5+1

Power capacity 600 W

Operating voltage 100 – 240V

Power input 2.6 A (5.5 A)

Chuck ⌀ 6 mm

Spindle speed Depending on equipment

Torque 13 Ncm

Orbit 2x Orbit ⌀ 95 mm

(some with special holders
at extra charge):
2x material blanks ⌀ 95 mm, up to 8 glass-ceramic blanks, up to 6 prefabricated titanium abutment blanks (Raw-Abutments®), JawPositioner transfer pattern