ICE Zirkon 3D Stains by Enrico Steger 

Stain Colour 3D White

содержимое пакета:
1 шт.
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Three-dimensional stain colours with special depth effect for surface colouring of full zirconia, ceramics and press ceramic.
Stain and glaze firing can also be done in one step by working with the glazing mass directly on the case.

Glaze material 3D Base Glaze
Glaze material basis for direct application of ICE Zirconia Stain Colours 3D by Enrico Steger
содержание: 3 g

товарный номер: MFAC0101
ICE Stains Glaze Fluo
Highly fluorescent glaze material for surface sealing of ceramics and zirconia
содержание: 3 g

товарный номер: MFAC2021
Set ICE Stains 3D by Enrico Steger
содержимое пакета:
18x Stain colours
1x glaze material
1x Refreshing Liquid 3D
1x Brush 0
1x Brush 2
1x Glass plate

товарный номер: MFAC2101