новыйWhite Metal Scanmarker Box

Box for a safe and tidy storage of Zirkonzahn White Metal Scanmarkers

Different systems and diameters
The box can be used for storing White Metal Scanmarkers of all available systems. The box can be autoclaved with the White Metal Scanmarkers inside, to sterilise everything in one single step.

Practical storage
The new White Metal Scanmarker Box is used to store up to 24 Zirkonzahn White Metal Scanmarkers, regardless of their diameters and lengths. Each scan body can be fixed in a safe manner in its own slot.

Easy cleaning
The White Metal Scanmarker Box is provided with openings to facilitate cleaning. The components are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, to ensure consistently reliable performances over time.

Non-slip underside
The underside of the box is equipped with silicone strips, preventing the box from slipping from the laboratory table and ensuring safe handling.

High quality design
The White Metal Scanmarker Box is produced using the highest quality materials. To ensure proper hygiene, only stainless and heat-resistant components are chosen.