Циркограф Фрезы 

  Milling Bur for the manual system
Used to mill pre-sintered zirconia
To be used with the Designer Zirkograph and the Zirkograph ECO in connection with the corresponding stylus
содержимое пакета: 1 piece

Milling Bur 4 L
rough pre- and internal milling


товарный номер: FR011

Milling Bur 3 L
Rough milling


товарный номер: FR021

Milling Bur 2 L
Rough milling/Precise milling


товарный номер: FR031

Milling Bur 1 L
Precise milling


товарный номер: FR041

Milling Bur 0.5 S
Precise milling


товарный номер: FR051

Milling Bur 1 XL
Precise milling, extra deep copings


товарный номер: FR061

Milling Bur 1 XXL
Precise milling, extremely deep copings


товарный номер: FR071

Milling Bur 2 A


товарный номер: FR211

Milling Bur 1.5 A

товарный номер: FR231
Milling Bur 0.6 A


товарный номер: FR221

Milling Bur 3 U


товарный номер: FR311

Milling Bur 2 U


товарный номер: FR321

Milling Bur 3 C
2° taper


товарный номер: FR411

Round Head Milling Bur 2 K
Rapid and easy smoothing of surfaces


товарный номер: FR511

Oval Milling Bur 2.4 E
Simple and fast smoothing of surfaces


товарный номер: FR531

Milling Bur 0.3 C
Used to mill occlusal fissures


товарный номер: FR431

Milling Bur 2 UR
Used to mill undercuts


товарный номер: FR341

Milling Bur 2.5 UR
Used to mill undercuts


товарный номер: FR351

Milling Bur 2W30
Used to mill screw seats

товарный номер: FR611