General Terms and Conditions – Education

§ 1 Scope

These general terms and conditions underlie all the services within the events offered by Zirkonzahn GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Zirkonzahn”), e.g. courses, events, lectures and exercises.
Changes and additions to these terms and conditions are only valid if they have been confirmed and signed by Zirkonzahn in writing. The same applies to contrary terms and conditions.

§ 2 Registration and conclusion of the contract

To the events of Zirkonzahn, the customer can register by phone, in writing, by fax or via the registration form published on the homepage with full information of name, address, telephone number and all other required data.
With the confirmation of registration by Zirkonzahn, the contract between the participant who intends to attend one or more events (subject matter of the present contract) and Zirkonzahn is considered concluded and the inscription is thus to be regarded as binding.
Due to the limited number of participants, the applications are considered in the order of their receipt.

§ 3 Data Protection

The processing of the personal data of the participants occurs in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of May 26, 2016 and is solely aimed at the punctual and complete fulfilment of the services contractually guaranteed by Zirkonzahn.
The processing of data can be carried out by the owner himself and/or by the employees designated by him, with or without the use of electronic or other automated equipment.
The storage of sensitive data occurs at the premises of Zirkonzahn or one of its associated companies whereas the personal data is not shared with other persons or organisations.
The participant gives his explicit consent for using the personal data, which serves to carry out services covered in the contract and also includes sending information via Zirkonzahn innovations.
The participants are requested to submit a written communication to, in case they do not wish to use this service. The participant is entitled at any time to exercise his rights concerning the cancellation, correction, etc. in accordance with Art.12 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

§ 4 Cancellation prior to the start of the event, non-participation, right of withdrawal

The participant has the possibility to revoke from the current contract by written communication:

  • If Zirkonzahn receives the written communication until four weeks prior to the start of the event, all payments that were made relating to the event will be refunded.
  • If Zirkonzahn receives the written communication at least seven days prior to the start of the event, 50% of the event fee will be invoiced.
  • If Zirkonzahn receives the written communication within seven days prior to the start of the event, the full event fee will be invoiced.

The date of receipt of the participant’s written cancellation (date of Zirkonzahn’s incoming mail stamp) is used for calculation of the date of abandonment.
If the communication is delivered on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in the particular country, the following working day is used for the calculation of the date of abandonment.
In case of non-participation at the event, interruption of the participation or non-use of certain event contents, the participant is still obligated to settle the entire amount against Zirkonzahn.
The customer is entitled to send a suitable substitute participant in his stead, but must announce it in time, so that any necessary changes can be made.

§ 5 Postponement and cancellation of events

As long as the registration is not confirmed, Zirkonzahn reserves the right to change event dates and prices indicated in the tender, internet or elsewhere.

After conclusion of the contract, Zirkonzahn can make changes if they are inevitable, irrelevant, don’t offend common decency and don’t have any negative consequences on the whole contents of the event, e.g. substituting the instructor or similar.
Zirkonzahn also reserves the right to cancel or reschedule dates for organisational or technical reasons (e.g. not reaching the minimum number of participants or absence of the instructor caused by illness).
If any of the above-mentioned events occur, Zirkonzahn will inform the participant about the changes as soon as possible via phone or in written form. If necessary, the participant has to make use of his rights immediately after receiving the communication by Zirkonzahn.
If an event is cancelled, the participant can either use the event fee for other events and/or the purchase of Zirkonzahn products or request a refund of the amount. There is no right to compensation for damages through the customer.
Amendments to the program and agreements made during the event due to unforeseeable and inevitable reasons are allowed only if they don’t affect the event’s fundamental program points.

§ 6 Payment terms

Along with the confirmation of registration, the participant will be informed about the participation fee. The invoice is sent depending on the agreed terms of payment like advance payment, bank collection, check or similar.
The fees for the events shall be paid in Euro and in accordance with the agreement until three days prior to the start of the event. If the payment has not been made within the specified time limit, the contractual partner defaults in payment. In that case, Zirkonzahn is allowed to exclude the participant who defaults in payment from the event.
In case the participant needs accommodation, the payment is made directly between the participant and the accommodation. Travel costs as well as all further expenses shall be covered by the participant, unless otherwise specified in the event programme.
Besides the participation fee and potentially arising material and model costs, the entire event fee also comprises the currently applicable value added tax.

§ 7 Copyright

Zirkonzahn reserves all rights, also those of translation, reprint and copying of event material and parts thereof. The event material or parts thereof must not be duplicated, copied, misused or used for communicating to the public – neither in hand-written nor in shortened form or with the help of electronic devices.
The client also commits himself to respect the intellectual properties in the form of author rights, copyright, trademark right and similar.

§ 8 Obligations of the participant and liability

The participant commits himself to regularly and personally attend the event, arrive punctually and participate at the entire event.
At the start of the event, the participant is obligated to submit a confirmation of payment of the fees paid. If the participant is not able to submit such a confirmation, he may not participate at the event.
Zirkonzahn’s events are made so that an interested, attentive, cooperative participant is able to reach the aim of the event. Zirkonzahn takes no responsibility of the success of the further training and fulfills the agreements pursuant to the general terms and conditions and to the legal requirements.
The stay at the event rooms is at one’s own risk. Zirkonzahn’s liability is limited to intentionality and gross negligence. The participant is also obligated to respect and comply with the rules of the venue.
Zirkonzahn shall not be liable for any theft, damage and misuse of valuables, photo and video cameras, mobile phones, credit cards, cash etc. Any liability for partial or non-compliance with agreements made with third parties which Zirkonzahn acts as mediator for is excluded.

The legal specifications apply for all responsibilities which are not contractually regulated, whereas Zirkonzahn’s present regulations take precedence over them.

§ 9 Miscellaneous

The present terms and conditions in no way are diminishing the customary law of the participant.
Should one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions become invalid or the wording of the contract contain a regulation gap, this will not affect the remaining parts of these provisions as regards their validity. In this event, the parties are committed to replace the clause with a provision that comes nearest to the meaning in the legal and commercial sense of the previous provision and that they would have chosen had they been aware of the invalidity of the provision.
In various states, there are strict passport and visa regulations. Zirkonzahn encourages the participants to inform themselves about and follow these regulations without involving Zirkonzahn in other activities exceeding the subject of the contract.

§ 10 Changes in the scope of services and of the conditions

Zirkonzahn reserves the right to make changes to products/services, actions, the present terms and conditions and event data to offer new products and services in order to adjust to legal requirements and regulations at any time.

§ 11 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The present contract is governed solely by Italian Law. All disputes between the parties arising from the interpretation of the present contract are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the legal court Bolzano.

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