International Computer-based Dental Diagnostic symposium 

Dental science at the Zirkonzahn Mountain Monastery
Last April, dentists and dental technicians from several countries around the world gathered in South Tyrol, in the inspiring premises of our Mountain Monastery, to share a three-day immersion on the topic of digital patient analysis. Coached by the inventor of the PlaneSystem® in person, MDT Udo Plaster, the participants could experience first-hand and deepen their understanding of the PlaneSystem® approach, an emerging working method for precise planning security and 100% individual restorations, which captures the patient’s specific information considering how the maxilla and the mandible relate to the rest of the body based on the patient’s Natural Head Position.
I started developing the PlaneSystem® approach because I was not fully satisfied of the results obtained by conventional methods, such as facebows or transferbows. What I was looking for was a more accurate alternative to improve my working procedures, which would allow me to reach more precise results, and I never expected that my personal approach would reach so many labs and practices around the world! Thanks to the collaboration with Zirkonzahn, the PlaneSystem® could enter the virtual dimension, with a total integration into Zirkonzahn’s CAD/CAM workflow, which is based on the 1:1 transfer of all patient individual data accurately recorded”. (Udo Plaster, MDT)
Next dates: 7-9 February 2019 / 17-19 October 2019
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