Try-In & Burnout 

Try-In & Burnout is a new material launched by Zirkonzahn which combines the properties of two different resins. On the one hand, thanks to its aesthetics and its favourable processing qualities, it is the ideal material for any try-in structure in the patient’s mouth. On the other, it is suitable for investing, casting or pressing techniques, since it leaves 0 residue whilst burning out.
The try-in structures can be subsequently scanned and transferred into the CAD/CAM software.
With Try-In & Burnout, our material range has been amplified with this versatile resin!

Properties at a glance:
  • combines the properties of two different resins
  • for any try-in structure utilized in the patient’s mouth
  • 100% burnout, investment material in the casting or pressing technique
  • for the subsequent scanning and transferring of the try-in structure into the CAD/CAM software
  • available in aesthetic tooth shades
  • favourable processing qualities

Try-In & Burnout 

Try-In & Burnout Weiß 95H12

Package content:
1 pc
Item number:

System / diameter:

100% burnout resin utilized for any try-in structure in the patient’s mouth and the subsequent digitalization or subsequently used in combination with investment material for casting or pressing techniques.
Processed with CAD/CAM Milling Bur PMMA and 2L PMMA Premium in all Zirkonzahn milling units (except M1 Abutment Milling Units).