Multistratum® Flexible – With multicolour shading 

Flexibility, easy processing, high quality, durability, low plaque adhesion as well as unique aesthetics are characteristics of the high-performance Multistratum® Flexible resin. Due to its extremely low residual monomer concentration and its 10 years of oral durability, it is considered particularly biocompatible.
The extremely high flexibility of the material reduces the risk of fracturing during fitting to a minimum, which results in very high quality resin restorations. The multicolour shading reproduces the natural colours from the dentine to the enamel and gives single crowns as well as 14-unit bridges an aesthetic effect. The resin was especially developed for the manufacturing of full contour restorations and can be further characterised with stains. Thanks to its aesthetic characteristics and elasticity, the material is versatile (e.g. applicable for long-term provisionals) and ideal for the manufacturing of prototypes.

Overview of its characteristics:
  • particularly flexible, the risk of fracturing is greatly minimised
  • high durability
  • favourable processing qualities
  • particularly biocompatible, with extremely low residual monomer concentration
  • unique aesthetics thanks to the multicolour shading from dentine to enamel
  • ideal for the manufacturing of long-term provisionals and prototypes
  • up to 10 years of oral durability

Multistratum® Flexible 

Multistratum® Flexible A1-A2 95H16

Package content:
1 pc
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System / diameter:

Flexible high-performance resin with multicolour shading from dentine to enamel for aesthetic and full contour resin restorations, from a single crown to a 14-unit bridge.

Dry processing with all Zirkonzahn Milling Units (except M1 Abutment Milling Unit) with 2 L PMMA Premium CAD/CAM Milling Bur as well as other PMMA CAD/CAM Milling Burs. Possible characterisations with resin stains.

Data sheet Multistratum® Flexible

Accessories Multistratum® Flexible 

Content: 30 ml
Liquid for polishing Multistratum® Flexible and Temp Premium Flexible resins. It is also suitable for bonding Abro® Basic Mono, Abro® Basic Multistratum® and Denture Gingiva Basic Mono resins.

Item number: CPAD0101