Zirkonzahn.Nesting – Nesting Software 

  • Axis-oriented nesting programme for the ideal positioning of dental restoration data in the milling blank.
  • All existing blanks will be saved in one library. This allows, at any time and from an economic point of view, to select the smallest possible blank and to fully benefit from already used blanks.
  • Automatic blank registration via webcam – during the registration of the blank, the error potential is minimized because typing errors are excluded. In addition, the quality management is improved, because batch numbers can be tracked.
  • Automatic docking – if the restoration is positioned outside the blank, it is automatically repositioned by the software at the ideal place on the brink of the blank.
  • Parallel Speed Calculation – all milling steps of a work can be calculated simultaneously with a considerable reduction of time.
  • Simultaneous calculation of several blanks – the milling paths of several jobs in different blanks can be calculated simultaneously.

New Features:
  • Coloured display of the materials with gradient shading as well as rendering function with a pre-visualisation of the milling result.
  • Upgraded CAD/CAM STL-Import software module – with surface analysis for the identification and manual modification of important parameters such as preparation lines, screw channels etc.
  • STL Raw Import – for the milling of individual titanium abutments which have been designed with a design software of another producer (not Zirkonzahn.Modellier).
  • Collision Detection – reports possible collisions of the tool with the orbit or the blank.
  • Mechanical finishing of the friction of secondary structures which will be fixed on telescopic crowns.
  • Compatible with Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner – creating surgical guides is possible.

New in the database:
  • JawPositioner – for the creation of individual positioning patterns for the laboratory articulator.
  • Titanium and cobalt-chrome Bridge-Rods – for a fast production of titanium or cobalt-chrome structures of up to four elements.
  • Model Blank/Model Blank M4 and 6 T PMMA CAD/CAM milling bur (6mm) – material blanks and milling burs for the elaboration of several models.
  • 1.5 A XL CAD/CAM milling bur – for milling especially long screw channels in resin, wax and sinter metal; included in the database.
  • 1.8 G CAD/CAM thread milling cutter for zirconia, PMMA and Screw Blank – milling cutter for the milling of threaded screw channels in zirconia structures or resin screw plugs out of the Screw Blank.

Improved milling strategies for:
  • the elaboration of resins with the 1.5 A PMMA CAD/CAM milling burs.
  • the elaboration of glass ceramics.
  • the milling of screw channels with the 1.5 S CoCr and 1.5 S Titanium CAD/CAM milling burs.
  • the fitting of cobalt-chrome crowns in the anterior region where little space is available.
  • the milling of especially long screw channels in material blanks of minimum 25 mm.

The software is available in the following languages:
German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Greek, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic (Saudi Arabia)