Zirkonofen 600/V4 sintering furnace 

Efficient, innovative, energy-saving

The Zirkonofen 600/V4 sintering furnance features optimised electronics and a newly developed software. Thanks to its compact design and the proven combustion technology, the furnace is extremely energy-efficient. Maximum heating rates of 60 °C/min. and the new automated furnace door which accelerates the cooling process, permit even faster sintering of thin structures.

Maximum user friendliness


Monitoring via smartphone

The new Zirkonzahn.App enables remote monitoring of the furnace. This makes all necessary information quickly and clearly visible.

The app also allows the creation of new sintering programmes directly on the smartphone.


Intuitive software

The newly designed software offers the user a wide range of possibilities: updates can be downloaded and installed directly on the furnace, individual sintering programmes can be created intuitively by the user, a delayed start of the sintering process is possible. Every sintering process is recorded (logged) so that everything can be perfectly monitored and controlled.


LED lighting with status display

The characteristic LED illumination of the Zirkonofen 600/V4 also serves as a status display. Using four different colours, it shows at a glance the current operating status of the furnace.



The software of the Zirkonofen 600/V4 is clearly structured and features an easy-to-use interface. Based on the user behaviour, the software recognises the most frequently used programmes and saves them as favourites, for an easier selection when starting a new sintering cycle.


Brand new technologies


Automated furnace door

The intelligent control system developed in-house constantly monitors the furnace status and the firing process. The fully automated furnace door, which serves to accelerate the cooling of the sintering chamber and the furnace control system guarantee linear heating and homogeneous cooling of the furnace. This ensures a successful sintering process.


Efficient performance

A new high-performance control of the heating elements and an optimally insulated sintering chamber make the furnace extremely energy-efficient and ensure increased max. heating rates of up to 60 °C/min.

The sintering chamber can contain up to 60 zirconia elements, which can be sintered with a power requirement of less than 1.5 kWh.


Baking Recovery

After a power failure, the intelligent software checks whether the sintering programme can be regularly completed without compromising the result. If the sintering programme can be continued, the user can see on the screen in which phase of the programme the interruption occurred. If the programme cannot be completed, the software will inform the user.


Sintering programmes


The Zirkonofen 600/V4 includes a large number of pre-set programmes and is equipped with pre-set fast sintering programmes perfectly adapted to each Zirkonzahn zirconia material. This means that the heating, holding and cooling phases vary slightly depending on the material. In addition, the user can create personal sintering programmes.


Technical data

Size (W x H x D)   39 x 69 x 49 cm

Weight   75 kg

Power   1.500 W

Mains voltage   110 - 240 V~ / 50 - 60 Hz 

Sintering chamber capacity   0,6l

Combustion chamber   6 x 10 x 10 cm

Max. temperature   1.700 °C

Vacuum   No

Capacity   Up to 60 zirconia elements (with sintering trays)

Materials   Zirkonzahn zirconia, zirconia from other manufacturers

Most important features of the zirkonofen 600/v4 sintering furnace

  Speed sintering of zirconia in less than 3 hours     Heating rates of up to 60 °C/min. possible
  Capacity for up to 60 zirconia elements     Cooling rates of up to 40 °C/min. possible 
  2 MoSi2 high-performance heating elements      Controlled cooling thanks to to the automated furnace door
  Sintering chamber capacity of 0.6 l     Maximum sintering temperature of up to 1700 °C
  Maximal sintering time over 1500 min. per program     Control accuracy of +/ -2 °C at a final temperature of 1600 °C
  Baking Recovery Function     Independent temperature calibration possible
  7“ colour touch screen      Large number of pre-set programmes
  New, user-friendly software     Personalised sintering programmes
  Update via LAN or WIFI     Compact, modern design with high-quality full glazing

Download the insert

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