Abutment screw integral zirconia 

This abutment screw with flat screw head is ideal for directly screwed zirconia or resin structures. However, we generally recommend the use of titanium bases for all implant-supported restorations.
For individual abutments made from zirconia and resin
With flat screw head
Available gold-plated for increased biocompatibility; gold‑plating prevents cold welding as well as the unintended loosening of the screw
Abutment Screw Black: Screw for the final restoration in the patient’s mouth
Abutment Screw Laboratory: Provisional screw for fixing the structure on the model


Titanium bases, Raw‑Abutments® and Scanmarkers can be fixed onto the implant using the Abutment Screw Metal. On full-contour zirconia abutments, screws with flat seating must be used, in order to avoid tensions in the zirconia which, in the worst case, can lead to cracks in the abutment.