NEWX-Ray Sphere


Radiopaque zirconia spheres for the precise fabrication of surgical guides

When treating edentulous patients, a precise identification of soft and hard tissues for the fabrication of surgical guides is usually difficult. To solve this problem, the X-Ray Sphere radiopaque zirconia spheres have been developed, which are used as reference objects in X-rays.


The workflow

After receiving the impression or scans from the dentist, the technician fabricates a temporary restoration onto which the zirconia spheres are glued. The temporary prosthesis is then handed over to the dentist who inserts it into the patient's mouth and takes CBCT scans. The recorded data and the digitally designed prosthesis with the spheres are transferred into an implant planning software where the matching between the prosthesis and the CBCT scans, on which the spheres are also visible, is carried out to ensure the hard and soft tissues are in the correct relationship. This provides a reliable reference for a correct implant placement in relation to the existing dentition, ensuring the production of precisely fitting surgical guides. The spheres placed on the previously fabricated prosthesis can be loosened by the dentist and sealed with resin, allowing the patient to wear the prosthesis until the implant placement.

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Bone Doctor software module in Zirkonzahn.Modifier

  The Bone Doctor is a module of the Zirkonzahn.Modifier software that enables the user to analyse the various skull bones by importing the patient’s DICOM data and obtain 3D files out of them. Based on artificial intelligence, the software is able to segment the desired anatomical bone parts in an entirely autonomous way, saving the user a lot of time. 
The segmentation can include any part of the skull, such as the lower jaw, the mandibular nerves, the individual teeth, the maxillary sinuses and other anatomical parts.
In the Zirkonzahn.Modifier software, the obtained 3D objects can be further processed as required, or they can be processed in another implant planning software to carry out precise implant planning. In addition, the extracted maxilla can be used in combination with the patient's Real Movement data recorded by the PlaneAnalyser II to evaluate the condylar movements. In addition, extracted teeth can be used to perform orthodontic movements based on real roots and coronal parts of the teeth.



X-Ray Sphere

X-Ray Sphere 5 mm

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Radiopaque zirconia spheres used as reference objects in X-ray images for a precise identification of soft and hard tissues when fabricating surgical guides for edentulous patients.