NEWScrew Jack - The practical screw holder

The Screw Jack was conceived for an easy removal of the screws from the screwdriver and their well-organised storage for each restoration. The Screw Jack also provides space for Zirkonzahn Titanium Base Extractors and screwdrivers.  


  Dental notation system
The lasered dental notation system on the surface of the Screw Jack ensures a well-organised storage of all required screws: by placing each screw in the correct place, confusion is avoided when inserting a restoration. In the Screw Jack, it is possible to store screws with thread diameters of M1.6, M2.0 and M2.5.  
  Optimal sterilisation 
The Screw Jack's original design allows a perfect cleaning. It can also be sterilised without removing screws, screwdrivers and extractors, so that each component can be autoclaved in a single step.
  Storage for screwdrivers and extractors
The Screw Jack is provided on its upper right side with specific openings to store up to three screwdrivers and three extractors on the opposite side. Regardless of diameter and system, all Zirkonzahn screwdrivers and extractors can be placed in these slots.
  Highest hygiene
The Screw Jack features an opening in the centre, which becomes narrower towards the bottom. In this way, screws can be directly loosened from the screwdriver without using hands.
  Collection tray  
After a screw has been loosened from the screwdriver, it falls into a collection tray. Once all screws have been removed, they can be taken out through the side opening and disposed of.
  Non-slip silicone pads
The Screw Jack underside has silicone pads to ensure a stable grip during use.


Inserting the screws

When the dental technician delivers the final work with model and temporary screws to the dentist, the necessary screws can be correctly placed in the Screw Jack according to the dental notation system and sterilised in the autoclave. When inserting the restoration, the dentist can take the screws directly from the Screw Jack using the sterile screwdriver.

Removing the screws

After removing a screw from the patient's mouth, the screw can be loosened from the screwdriver using the opening in the centre of the Screw Jack. If the titanium base has not loosened from the implant yet, the dentist can use the corresponding extractor.