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With the new Zirkonofen Turbo and its pre-set fast sintering programs for each kind of Zirkonzahn zirconia, it is now possibile to sinter smaller zirconia structures in about 75 minutes. This cuts processing time by 84% and reduces electric consumption by 81%: zirconia structures can be milled, sintered and veneered in 1 hour and 55 minutes only!

The sintering platform is controlled by an intelligent electronic system developed in-house. This system monitors the temperature curve of the sintering chamber and controls the platform during the cooling phase.
  If the sintering chamber does not cool down quickly enough, the platform moves automatically downwards, ensuring optimal cooling processes and perfect sintering results.



The Zirkonofen Turbo includes a large number of pre-set programs that are perfectly matched to each kind of Zirkonzahn zirconia. This means that the heating, holding and cooling phases vary slightly depending on the material. In addition, the user can create personal sintering programs.
The Speed and Ultraspeed programs cannot be used for sintering dental unit with a wall thickness exceeding 4 mm. Therefore, when selecting the sintering speed, attention must be paid to the elements' wall thickness and weight.

Personalised programs according to
the following parameters:
Temperature range    Heating rate
Room temperature  – 300 °C   50 °C/min
300 °C – 1100 °C   120 °C/min
1100 °C – 1700 °C   60 °C/min
Temperature range    Cooling rate
1700 °C – 1200 °C   60 °C/min
1200 °C – 800 °C   40 °C/min
800 °C – Room temperature    30 °C/min
  SLOW PROGRAM – 12 H   heavy   ≥ 5 g per  unit
  STANDARD PROGRAM – 8 H   medium heavy    3-5 g per unit
  SPEED PROGRAM – 3.5 H   light   2-3 g per unit
  ULTRASPEED PROGRAM – 75 min   super light   ≤ 2 g per unit
  Shortest program  – 45 min
  Large number of pre-set programs
  Personalised sintering programs
The Zirkonofen Turbo is equipped with pre-set fast sintering programs perfectly adapted to each Zirkonzahn zirconia material. The smaller and thinner the structure to be sintered, the shorter the required sintering time. With this furnace, 4-unit bridges can now be sintered in approx. 75 minutes.


Baking Recovery

  With the new Baking Recovery function, unsatisfactory sintering results are nearly impossible! After a power failure, the intelligent software checks whether the sintering program can be regularly completed without compromising the result or whether the sintering process must be must be suspended. If the sintering program can be continued, the user can see on the screen in which phase of the program the interruption occurred. If the program cannot be completed, the software will inform the user.



In the Zirkonofen Turbo, zirconia restorations can be sintered by means of special accessories, like the sintering trays and the ceramic plate. The sintering chamber can contain up to 3 sintering trays stacked on top of each other, which permit sintering up to 120 zirconia elements in one single process. If bridges are sintered with a sintering stabiliser, the ceramic plate must be used, which offers space for up to 3 full-arch bridges.
To avoid pressure marks on the zirconia elements during sintering, the elements must be placed on the sintering tray well apart from each other. For a deformation-free framework, the base of the sintering tray should be covered with sintering granules.   The sintering chamber contains up to 3 sintering trays stacked on top of each other. In this way, up to 120 zirconia elements can be sintered in one sintering process.   To prevent discolouration or contamination of zirconia structures during the sintering process, it is recommended to cover the bridges with a ceramic protection cover. The new ceramic protection cover, with its curved shape, guarantees optimal heat distribution.



Every Zirkonofen Turbo is optimally calibrated before delivery, in order to achieve the best sintering results right from the first usage. Thanks to the temperature calibration program, the user can check at any time the oven's temperature control accuracy of +/- 2 °C at a final temperature of 1600 °C. If necessary, values can be corrected directly in the software.
1. Place the temperature calibration ring without using firing supports on the sintering platform and start the temperature calibration program   2. Let the ring cool down to room temperature and measure the diameter with a micrometer screw   3. Compare the measured value with the reference table and enter the difference in the software. Perform a second temperature calibration to check the final sintering temperature

  To obtain the highest quality results with unchanged translucency, colour gradient or flexural strength values, it is essential to adapt the sintering program to the material and to the structure to be sintered.
If parameters are correct but the results are still unsatisfactory, a temperature calibration must be carried out.



The software, developed in-house, has been re-designed especially for the Zirkonofen Turbo.
A wider range of languages is now available to the users. Via the Internet connection, they can download and install updates directly in the furnace, in order to always work with the latest functions and sintering programs. The software also permits creating individual sintering programs in addition to the pre-set ones and, based on the user behaviour, it recognises the most frequently used programs and saves them as favourites, for an easier selection when starting a new sintering cycle.



The four different coloured displays show at a glance the current status of the Zirkonofen Turbo:
Green = idle mode
ready for a sintering process
  Purple = heating and
holding phase

the sintering process is underway
  Light blue = cooling phase
the sintering chamber is cooling down
  Red = error
a problem has occurred

  Our long-standing experience in the development of CAD/CAM milling units, scanners and sintering furnaces makes us the experts in this field. With innovation and strong willpower, we develop holistic products that are perfectly integrated into the Zirkonzahn workflow. 
With the Zirkonofen Turbo, we start a new era together.
  Brochure Zirkonofen Turbo sintering furnace

  Turbo sintering of zirconia in 75 min     Heating rate of up to 120 °C/min possible
  Round sintering chamber with room for up to
120 zirconia elements  
    Cooling rate of up to 60 °C/min possible 
  4 MoSi2 high-performance heating elements       Automated cooling through fully automatic sintering platform 
  Large sintering chamber with a capacity of 0.9 l      Maximum sintering temperature of 1700 °C
  Over 1000 min. sintering time per program       Control accuracy of +/- 2 °C at a final temperature of 1600 °C 
  Baking Recovery Function     Independent temperature calibration
  7“ colour touch screen       Large number of pre-set programs
  New, user-friendly software     Personalised sintering programs
  Update via LAN or WIFI     Compact, modern design with high-quality full glazing

Size (W x H x D)   39 x 69 x 49 cm

Weight   65 kg

Electrical power   3000 W

Mains voltage   200 - 240 V~ ± 10%V/
50 - 60 Hz 

Combustion Chamber Capacity    0.9l

Large sintering chamber   10.5 x 10.5 ⌀ cm

Max. temperature   1700° C

Vacuum   No

Capacity   Up to 120 zirconia elements (with sintering tray) or up to 3 circular bridges (with ceramic plate)
Mirror Orange Red Black

  New! Sintering tray Speed Zirkonofen Turbo  
The trays have been specially designed to ensure perfect heat distribution during sintering and for use in combination with the Ultraspeed program. Up to 3 sintering trays can be placed in the furnace. In this way up to 120 zirconia elements can be sintered in one sintering process.

Item number: ZBAA3221
  New! Ceramic plate Zirkonofen Turbo 
Sintering support to avoid contact stains on the framework. It can contain max. 3 full-arch bridges. It cannot be used with the Ultraspeed program.

Item number: ZBAA9441
  New! Ceramic protection cover Zirkonofen Turbo 
For optimal colour fidelity of the zirconia structures during sintering. The curved shape serves for optimal heat distribution inside the protection cover. It cannot be used with the Ultraspeed program.

Item number: ZBAA4671
  New! Temperature calibration ring for Zirkonofen Turbo 
Content: 10 rings for temperature calibration of the Zirkonofen Turbo sintering furnace. 
 A micrometer screw (or similar) to measure the ring diameter is required.

Item number: ZBAC9081
  New! Tweezers for Zirkonofen Turbo 
Stainless steel tweezers for removing the sintering tray from the sintering chamber (included).

Item number: ZBAC9082
  Fine-grain sintering granules 
Sintering powder for sintering zirconia structures with sintering trays. Size: 0.4 mm – 1.0 mm

Item number: ZBAA3251
  Coarse-grain sintering granules 
Sintering powder for sintering zirconia structures with sintering trays. Size: 0.3 mm – 2.0 mm

Item number: ZBAA3261

Sintering speeds that can be selected using the different sintering furnaces.

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