The stable impression copings are used together with the laboratory analogues for the exact transfer of the implant position in the jaw onto the plaster model or combined with ScanAnalogs in the software.

Shipping in 3-4 working days after order.

There are various implant-based impression copings, which can only be used for the specific indicated system. Our sales office is at your complete disposal for any information on currently available systems (T +39 0474 066 680).



Adapter Ratchet Wrench
Adapter for Torque Ratchet Wrench

Item number: SIAK0001

Screwdriver Zirkonzahn
Screwdriver for fixing and removing Zirkonzahn screws

Item number: SIAK4001L10


Item number: SIAK4001L15


Item number: SIAK4001L20


Item number: SIAK4001L35

Torque Ratchet Wrench
Reusable Torque Ratchet Wrench

Item number: SIAK1001

Impression coping open tray Driver
Screwdriver for impression copings

Item number: BSGE0001