Double Screw Metal Technique 

Production of full-arch prosthetics on divergent implants

The production of full-arch prosthetics on divergent implants is one of the most challenging restorations for a techno-clinical team. In the current case, a patient presented with complete maxillary edentulism and six implants already placed in the upper jaw. The virtual tooth set-up revealed a strong divergence of the implants towards the vestibular area. To strike a balance between function, stability and aesthetics in the final restoration, a hybrid restoration was produced using the Double Screw Metal technique.

The planned restoration consisted of a titanium bar and a secondary framework made of Denture Gingiva Basic resin with 14 individual resin crowns made of Abro® Basic Multistratum®. The design of the primary structure incorporated an innovative CAD/CAM workflow, in which four additional screws were integrated to screw the superstructure to the bar. The virtual position of the screws was visualised using the new Double Screw Metal function of the Zirkonzahn.Modellier software (Attachment module), which allows the generation of virtual screw threads within the bar design. The 3D rendering also provides the optimal position of the screw channel in the primary structure, as well as the ideal fit of the screw head in the superstructure.

The titanium bar is then screwed to the implants and the secondary structure to the bar. With the Double Screw metal technique it is now possible to avoid unaesthetic vestibular channels, in order to produce highly stable, bar-supported rehabilitations even in complex cases without compromising the full arch aesthetics.



Intelligent solutions – with Zirkonzahn digital workflow


CAD/CAM Thread milling bur 2 G Titan (6 mm) &
CAD/CAM Thread milling bur 2 G CrCo (6 mm)

With special thread shape for milling threaded channels (standard thread diameter M2.0).


Milling bur for titanium
Item number:


Milling bur for chrome-cobalt
Item number:


Double Screw Metal Screw

Screw for screwing the secondary structure onto the bar.

Note: This screw is also compatible with OSSTEM Implant Convertible Abutment.


Item number: BSAE5532




Screwdriver for Double Screw Metal Screw

To use with Adapter Ratchet Wrench (SIAK0001). Different lengths available.

Note: The screwdrivers are also part of the Dentsply Sirona® XiVE® system.


Item number: SIAK4012L10


Item number: SIAK4012L15


Item number: SIAK4012L20


Item number: SIAK4012L35