Zirkonlampe 250 

The drying lamp 250 is a heat radiating infrared lamp. It serves the purpose of pre-drying dipped zirconia frame work in order to prevent damage to the furnace heating elements by acid contained in the Colour Liquids.

The lamp should be positioned under an extraction hood, since otherwise metal parts in the closer environment could be corroded by steam which develops during the drying process.

The drying time of the frameworks depends on the dimensions of the bridge. For bridges of up to five elements a drying time of 45 minutes is recommended, for larger bridges up to one and half hours. The zirconia framework should always be placed on a fired object holder, which in turn must be placed relatively near the lamp.

This lamp was designed exclusively for Zirkonzahn materials.

Infrared drying Lamp “Zirkonlampe 250”
Used to dry dyed zirconia

Output Power: 250 W
Max. Temp.: 90 °C
Weight: 2,2 kg

Item number: SY007

Accessories for “Zirkonlampe 250” 

Replacement Bulb
Spare light bulb for the zirconia lamp 250

Item number: ERAA0311
Ceramic fibre base
It is used as heat protection and as base for the fired object holder

Item number: ZBAA4601
F3,15A 250V for Zirkonlampe 250

Item number: ERAA0732