Tecno Med 


The high-performance Tecno Med resin disposes of a particularly high plaque resistance and an excellent biocompatibility which makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of permanent dental restorations and for the treatment of allergy patients.

Thanks to the partially crystalline arrangement of the molecular chains, Tecno Med disposes of an excellent stability and chemical resistance. The resin’s elasticity is similar to the one of the human bone tissue and can be sterilised without restrictions, is non-abrasive and absolutely resistant to discoloration.

Tecno Med is specifically designed for the manufacture of friction copings on telescopic crowns or attachments.

A study carried out in September 2017 by the Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich recommends the use of CAD/CAM manufactured Tecno Med secondary parts as an alternative to the reliable electroformed secondary parts in the field of removable implant prosthetics.
Summary of the study

Publication of the study: Schubert, Reitmaier, Schweiger, Erdelt, Güth (2018) "Retentive force of PEEK secondary crowns on zirconia primary crowns over time" Clinical Oral Investigations, October 2018, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30293185

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Friction Coping, specialisation course for friction copings on zirconia primary structures

For Zirkonzahn zirconia and system users


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The bar course – Friction copings on bars: What is there to learn?
For Zirkonzahn zirconia and system users (CAD/CAM-knowledge on B+course level is necessary)


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Tecno Med 


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High-performance resin for the manufacture of friction copings

Processing with CAD/CAM milling bur

Milled with Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM System 5-TEC