Blank Holder Teleskoper Soft 

The new Blank Holders Teleskoper Soft allow soft materials such as zirconia, resin, wax, wood and Sinternit to be milled.
Considering the competitive price, we advise using a separate holder for each blank. This allows to avoid damages caused by a repeated clamping and unclamping and thereby greatly simplifies blank handling.

The Blank Holders Teleskoper Soft are available either individually or in a 10-piece set.


Comparison between Blank Holder Teleskoper and Blank Holder Teleskoper Soft 

Blank Holder Teleskoper    Blank Holder Teleskoper Soft 
  • Made of metal
  • For processing all dental materials
  • Allows the use of Teleskoper functions
    • Double milling for efficient processing
    • Friction adjustment of telescopic jobs
    • Stop & Go function
  • Made of resin
  • For processing all dental materials except composite, titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys
  • Competitive purchase price
  • Easy blank handling

Blank Holder Teleskoper (Teleskoper Orbit Ø 125 mm) 

Blank Holder Teleskoper Soft 95 1 pc

Package content:
1 pc
Item number:
System / diameter:

Resin holder for soft material blanks (e.g. zirconia, sinter metal); in combination with the M2 Teleskoper, M2 Dual Teleskoper, M2 Dual Double Teleskoper and M4 Wet Heavy Metal (with Teleskoper Plate) milling units.