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Tecno Med Mineral offers Zirkonzahn users a new metal-free alternative to permanent dental prosthetics.
With a semi-crystalline molecular structure, the thermoplastic resin is highly resistant to abrasion, discoloration and breakage. This unique ceramic reinforcement ensures long-term stability and chemical resistance of reduced crown and bridge reconstructions.
Its amazing biocompatibility is ideal for the treatment of patients with sensitive allergies.
Also available in Tecno Med Mineral Tissue and Tecno Med Mineral Dentine, this innovative restorative material brings warmth to final restorations through natural aesthetic base colors.

Overview of Characteristics:
  • High quality thermoplastic resin
  • High flexural strength through unique ceramic reinforcement and semi-crystalline arrangement of molecular chains
  • Wear-resistant, non-abrasive and chemically stable
  • Extremely biocompatible and biostable
  • Elasticity similar to human bone
  • Available in three colors

Milled with Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM System 5-TEC

Tecno Med Mineral 

Tecno Med Mineral 95H12

Package content:
1 pc
Item number:

System / diameter:

Biocompatible, thermoplastic resin for manufacturing substructures as well as reduced crown and bridges

Processed with CAD/CAM Milling Burs PMMA Premium