M5 Heavy Metal Milling Unit 


  • Milling unit with 5+1 axes simultaneous milling technology and Milling Spindle Hard Automatic or Milling Spindle Soft M5
  • CAD/CAM milling bur 6 mm for more stability during the milling process
  • For processing zirconia, resin, wax, wood, sinter metal, chrome-cobalt as well as titanium, glass ceramics and composite depending on the equipment
  • During the elaboration of resins, the Ioniser (optional) ensures a clean milling unit by discharging the plastic shavings. This results in more cleanliness during the milling process and increases the machine performance thanks to the shorter cleaning time
  • Tool changer function with 16-compartment tool magazine
  • Individual extension options, e.g. wet processing function Wet Grinding/Wet Milling M5, Raw‑Abutment®/Glass Ceramics Holder, JawPositioner Support
  • CAD/CAM milling bur 6 mm for more stability during the milling process

Processable materials with full equipment 

 Zirconia  Resin  Wax  Wood  Sinter metal  Chrome-
 Titanium  Raw-
 Bridge-Rod  Glass

Technical specifications 


Weight 463 lbs

Width 48.42 inches

Height 27.16 inches

Depth 20.86 inches (plus connection for suction unit)

Casing Hardened Securit glass UNI ISO 12150

Processing axes 5+1

Power capacity 600 W

Operating voltage 100 – 240V

Power input 2.6 A (5.5 A)

Chuck Ø 6 mm

Spindle speed Standard version: max. 50.000 R.p.m.

Torque 13 Ncm

Workpiece Ø 95 mm


Further information and accessories 

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