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Some people develop special qualities because they are great thinkers. Their constant striving for new experiences leads them with a tireless passion and allows them to cross borders. This iron will generates new kinds of awareness and special skills which lead to great performances. Satisfaction is reached which again gives them the strength to overcome indolence.
The human pursuit of happiness and satisfaction should be performed in the noblest way: refinement.  It is our pursuit to teach this.
We thus elect people, heroes, who take news paths, who do not fear to fail and who pursue virtuous refinement. Absolute discipline, obedience, iron will and a tremendous amount of strength are the requirements. If you think that you own these qualities or that you would like to acquire them, than set out and follow us! For one week you will be taught rigorously and learn all the basics for this.
Learning means: seeing it in others and adopting it!
Starting with a perfect model, everything will be recorded photographically and a timeline will be created:

  1. The basis will be the assembly and the alignment of function and aesthetic by using natural teeth which will be supplied.
  2. Techniques for duplication will be taught to ensure the precise implementation in resin.
  3. The implementation in zirconia will be monitored meticulously and the labial and buccal area, designed for porcelain veneering, has mamelons integrated. The incisal edge remains in zirconia to prevent chipping and to serve as an incisal border.
  4. Coloring techniques will be demonstrated since they are essential for a brilliant end result.
  5. Newest developments in the field of veneering zirconia are imparted and implemented with diligence and discipline.
  6. Everything will be recorded photographically and the pictures will be edited by our graphic department to produce a virtual brochure. This brochure may then be printed as a personal company’s presentation for clients to exemplify the process along with the finished product.
  7. The finished work will be screwed on a black glass plate and the be arranged in an appropriate showcase supplied by Zirkonzahn.
Light morning exercises are obligatory as well as strict observance of the rules. All worldly things must be foregone and loyalty within the group is essential. The telephone will be locked in and no contact to the outer world will be permitted. Violating these parameters will result in the immediate expulsion.
There will be a small marketing lesson as well as some philosophy for spiritual training.
Basic crafts such as filing and sawing, which are often completely underestimated but which unveil the talent immediately, will be practiced in leisure times.
Dental refinement starts with the right education and the parameters applied there are decisive for the personal development:
  • precision,
  • attention to detail,
  • aesthetic appearance,
  • cleanliness,
  • packaging and presentation,
  • tool maintenance
  • and work flow are understood to be refinement.
Surround yourself with good people and you will become one of them. The company you keep forms the PERSON you are. The company you keep forms what you are.

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