Fresco Ceramics


The new art of layering zirconia

With the new ceramic pastes Fresco Gingiva and Fresco Enamel, monolithic and slightly reduced zirconia structures can be quickly and easily veneered in the gingival and vestibular tooth regions. Especially in the gingival region, a characterization with stains is not necessary anymore, since the natural gingival reproduction can be achieved by purely applying the ceramic paste.
Ceramic pastes for veneering zirconia structures in the gingival region   Ceramic pastes for veneering zirconia structures in the vestibular tooth region
Fresco Gingiva 1   Fresco Enamel Transpa 3
Fresco Gingiva 2   Fresco Enamel Transpa Neutral
Fresco Gingiva 3   Fresco Enamel Fluo
Fresco Gingiva 4   Fresco Enamel Opal
Fresco Gingiva 5   Fresco Enamel Transpa Orange
Fresco Gingiva 6   Fresco Enamel Transpa Grey

Compared to conventional ceramics, Fresco pastes remain moist for a longer time and can be modelled for several hours. The consistency of the pastes can be further personalized by adding the two mixing liquids Fresco Liquid and Fresco Gel, depending on the preferred working method. 


Tip: Mix Fresco Gingiva and Fresco Enamel to create more transparent and bright colours


Simple firing process

Due to their high primary density, the pastes exhibit very low shrinkage. In this way, one Fresco firing cycle is sufficient to finish the tooth shape and the gingiva after the first firing. With this firing process, zirconia structures of different sizes can be fired simultaneously. No parameters such as holding time and/or temperature need to be changed:  heating and cooling rates are the only ones to be adapted, since they are directly related to the size and mass of the zirconia structure. 
Before the firing cycle After the firing cycle    
If a correction firing has to be carried out, this can be done with the same parameters. This means that consistent results can be achieved with a very simple but efficient firing process.




  Insert Fresco Ceramics
  Insert Fresco Ceramics Step by Step
  Brochure Fresco Ceramics
  Brochure Fresco Ceramics Application

Fresco Ceramics

Fresco Gingiva 1
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6301
  Fresco Gingiva 4
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6331
Fresco Gingiva 2
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6311
  Fresco Gingiva 5
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6341
Fresco Gingiva 3
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6321
  Fresco Gingiva 6
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD6351
Fresco Enamel Transpa 3
Content: 8 g

Item number: KEAD2301
  Fresco Enamel Fluo
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD4501
Fresco Enamel Transpa Neutral
Content: 8 g

Item number: KEAD3001
  Fresco Enamel Opal
Content: 8 g

Item number: KEAD4601
Fresco Enamel Transpa Orange
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD2501
  Fresco Enamel Transpa Grey
Content: 10 g

Item number: KEAD2601
Fresco Liquid 
Content: 10 ml

Item number: KEAD6401
  Fresco Gel
Content: 10 ml

Item number: KEAD6501

Set Fresco

Set Fresco Essential
Content: 1 x Fresco gel, 1 x Fresco liquid, 1 x brush 0, 1 x brush 2, 1 x bristle paint round brush 6, 1 x spatula for ceramic Enrico Steger, 1 x glass plate,
1x Fresco Gingiva 1
1x Fresco Gingiva 2
1x Fresco Gingiva 3
1x Fresco Gingiva 4
1x Fresco Gingiva 5
1x Fresco Gingiva 6
1x Fresco Enamel Transpa 3
1x Fresco Enamel Transpa Neutral
1x Fresco Enamel Opal
1x Fresco Enamel Fluo
Item number: KEAD6391


Fresco Ceramics on a monolithic rooted tooth