When developing the Zirkonzahn.Software we adapted the strict standards of our proven products to design and functionality of our software. The user interface is clearly structured, has a simple design and is the same for each software component, which makes it the cornerstone for a familiar and reliable application. When it comes to the creation of different features, our developing team, which obviously includes also dental technicians, follows a practical and result-oriented principle, which guarantees the greatest possible freedom of choice and processing. Furthermore, complex technological processes are designed in a comprehensive and transparent way. The user can decide whether he wants to use a step by step guide or if the wants to proceed individually.
The different software programmes with the corresponding modules are not only matched to each other but also to the related hardware components. This ensures a 100 % smooth work process for the dental technician and the dentist – from the patient registration, articulation, modellation, realisation, to the insertion of the restoration in the patient’s mouth. Proven manual and digital working techniques can be combined in order to achieve the best possible patient care.