M1 Abutment Milling Unit 


With the M1 Abutment milling unit it is possible to produce individual titanium abutments out of precast titanium abutment blanks (Raw-Abutments®) in a fast way.


  • Computer-controlled 4 axes milling unit with 6-fold tool changer, wet processing, processing of Raw-Abutment®
  • PC and screen
  • CAM software
  • Basic design software

Overview of the characteristics 

  • 4 axes milling technology
  • For processing of glass ceramics and precast titanium abutments Raw-Abutment®
  • Milling Spindle Hard Automatic with 6-fold tool changer
  • Wet processing
  • Particularly space-saving
  • Equipped with blocking air

Processable materials with full equipment 


Technical specifications 


Weight 231 lbs

Width 18.89 inches

Height 27.16 inches

Depth 24.80 inches

Casing Hardened Securit glass UNI ISO 12150

Processing axes 4

Electrical power 600 W

Operating voltage 100 – 240V

Power input 2.6 A (5.5 A)

Chuck Ø 6 mm

Spindle speed Depending on equipment

Torque 13 Ncm


Further information and accessories 

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