Multistratum® Flexible - with natural color gradient 

A breakthrough in functional and esthetic prototyping, Multistratum Flexible is a biocompatible resin ideal for long-term provisionals. Flexible and highly durable, the advanced resin minimizes fractures and plaque adhesion for optimal stability and oral hygiene. The uniform coloring reproduces the natural color gradients from dentine to enamel, breathing lifelike esthetics into appliances ranging from single crowns to multiple units. Developed as an esthetic provisional material, the resin can be further characterized with stains.

Overview of its characteristics:
  • Flexible with low fracturing risk
  • High durability
  • Simple processing techniques
  • Biocompatible
  • Unique esthetic gradient
  • Ideal for long-term prototyping

Multistratum® Flexible 

Multistratum® Flexible A1-A2 95H16

Package content:
1 pc
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System / diameter:

Flexible high-performance resin with natural color gradient from dentine to enamel suitable for functional and esthetic prototypes.

Milled with any Zirkonzahn Milling Units (excl. M1 Abutment). Processed with CAD/CAM Milling Burs PMMA Premium.