Prettau® Skin® Technique – For ultra-thin zirconia veneers 

Zero to minimal-invasive treatment

Prettau® Skin® veneers show a thickness of 0.2 mm only! 


Healthy smile

With the innovative Prettau® Skin® technique, patients can get a healthy smile with zero to minimal impairment of tooth substance in cases of tooth discoloration, tooth gaps, crooked teeth, cone teeth and abraded teeth. The veneers are manufactured using preferably Prettau® 3 Dispersive®, provided with color, translucency and flexural strength gradients (Gradual-Triplex-Technology). Alternatively, Prettau® 2 Dispersive® or Prettau® 4 Anterior® Dispersive® zirconia types can also be used.
Prettau® 3 Dispersive®
more opaque in the cervical areas and more translucent in the incisal edge
  Prettau® 3 Dispersive® Prettau® 4 Anterior® Dispersive®   Prettau® 4 Anterior® Dispersive® 
zirconia with particularly high translucency


Digitally-made preparation guide

The dental technician designs and manufactures a patient-specific preparation guide, marking the tooth areas that the dentist has to prepare for veneers application: a useful planning and communication tool between dental technician and dentist, for the final benefit of the patient.


Fast and esthetic

The final esthetics are individualized with a slight application of ICE Stains 3D by Enrico Steger. With the new Zirkonofen Turbo and its pre-set fast sintering programs for each kind of Zirkonzahn zirconia, it is now possibile to sinter smaller zirconia structures in about 75 minutes: this means that the veneers can be milled, sintered and veneered in 1 hour and 55 minutes only!

FINAL RESTORATION IN 1 hour and 55 minutes only!


Clinical case

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  Insert Prettau® Skin®


Zirconia cementation: the tensile testing

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