Tecno Med 


Tecno Med and Tecno Med Mineral are new high-performance resins made for Zirkonzahn users.
With high plaque resistance and biocompatibility, these thermoplastic resins are suitable for the manufacture of final dental restorations. Due to their excellent biocompatibility, the resins are ideal for the treatment of patients with allergies.
Tecno Med is designed for the production of friction copings on telescopic crowns and attachments.

Friction Course Programs 

Tecno Med A

Friction Copings on Zirconia Primary Structures


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Tecno Med B
Friction Copings on Zirconia Bars


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Tecno Med 


Package content:
1 pc
Item number:
System / diameter:

High-performance resin for the manufacture of friction copings

Processed with CAD/CAM milling burs

Milled with Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM System 5-TEC