The Prettau® Bridge AESTHETICS 

Course with Klaus Müterthies

Speaker: Klaus Müterthies
  • Fine elaboration of the rough structural design of a 6-unit front tooth Prettau® Bridge
  • Colouring/US Coloring techniques with Colour Liquid Prettau® Aquarell
  • Sintering and drying of the structure
  • Layering with ICE Zirkon Ceramics
  • Application of the ICE Zirkon Malfarben 3D by Enrico Steger Stains
Location: Education Center Atlanta
Norcross, Georgia

Education Center Kalifornien
Irvine, California

From April 29 until April 30 in the Zirkonzahn Education Center in Atlanta, Georgia and from May 2 until May 5 in the Zirkonzahn Education Center in Los Angeles, California, Klaus Müterthies held ceramic layering and colouring/coloring courses for American and Mexican dental technicians. As a master of his craft, he was able to delight the public with his great knowledge and many years of experience.