Enrico Steger on tour through Asia 

100% Prettau® Zirconia

„Níhǎo Konnichi wa! Annyeong Haseyo!“

...This is how Enrico Steger and Wilfried Tratter were welcomed in Taipei, Yokohama and Seoul during their Zirkonzahn-Tour through Asia in early March.

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  • CAD/CAM System 5-TEC
Featured products:
  • Prettau® Zirconia
  • CAD/CAM System 5-TEC

The inventor of Zirkonzahn and his CAD/CAM expert visited partners and clients and presented new products.
More than 500 dental technicians and dentists learned about Prettau Zirconia and, of course, about the CAD/CAM 5-TEC system by Zirkonzahn. Since Asians are particularly infatuated with technical devices, they highly admired the modular conception of the devices which allows for unlimited flexibility and economical future in the management of a dental laboratory. The most unfortunate moments of the tour did not have anything to do with technical devices but only with brute forces of nature: when Enrico Steger and Wilfried Tratter were on their way to the airport of Tokyo at the end of their stay there, the earth began to shake in Japan. What followed was the largest earthquake in the history of Japan. The two dental technicians from South Tyrol were lucky – they saw the skyscrapers shake but were able to reach the earthquake-proof airport buildings. Together with many other passengers, they spent a restless night with countless aftershocks. On the following day, they were lucky again because they were able to leave Tokyo and fly to South Korea, the last stop of their tour. After all, many Zirkonzahn fans were waiting there and Enrico Steger and Wilfried Tratter were not willing to let them down. Nevertheless, the experiences in Japan had made a lasting impression. Back in South Tyrol, the head of Zirkonzahn offered help to Japanese partners and clients right away. “I was especially impressed by the discipline and absolute calmness of the Japanese people in the face of the catastrophe.
We can definitely learn from them“, says Enrico Steger.