Zirkonzahn – IDS 2015

IDS 2015 - Honor your talent

The 36th „International Dental Show“ (IDS) in Cologne ended on Saturday, march 14th 2015 after five days. Of course Zirkonzahn was also part of it and presented its latest product news. Equipped with hammer, pliers and smith’ aprons made of genuine leather, the whole Zirkonzahn team, consisting of more than 40 employees and partners all over the world, devoted themselves to the slogan “Honor your talent.”

„Also this year’s IDS was a great success! We are pleased that so many people visited our booth and that we were able to meet up with old friends and companions”, Enrico Steger reflects on the IDS 2015. “The slogan ‘Honor your talent’ wants to communicate that especially in the age of digital dental technology it is important to contemplate one’s manual skills.”

At the largest international trade fair of the dental sector also Zirkonzahn presented its product news: the precouloured Anatomic Coloured zirconia and the Zirkonzahn Sintermetall - a cobalt-chrome alloy - had their premieres, while the already proven materials titane, cobalt-chrome, Prettau® zirconia and Prettau® Anterior® fascinated the visitors with demo-models.

Visitors of the fair showed great interest in the live-colouring and the live ceramic-layering as well as in the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner and the PlaneSystem®. With the Face Hunter facial scanner, a patient’s face is digitized and deposited almost photo-realistically and jaw-related in the mock-up software as a basis for the virtual articulator with only one click. The facial scans are ideally combined with the PlaneFinder® developed by MDT Udo Plaster. This is an important part of Plaster’s concept of holistic tooth restorations and takes into account new facial features as alignment points for model transferring. The concept that Udo Plaster presented at the Zirkonzahn booth is based on a differentiated functional analysis and the exact transferring of the patient situation to a real and virtual articulator developed in cooperation with Zirkonzahn.

Also two new milling units have been presented at the IDS 2015: with an extra-large milling area (38,5 cm x 15,9 cm) the milling unit M4 has been developed especially for milling models. Up to 10 models can be processed out of the special resin blocks. The Milling unit M4 also disposes of a wet processing function and different supports, which makes the processing of zirconia-, resin- or metalblanks as well as Raw-Abutments® and glass ceramics possible. The milling unit M6 Wet Heavy Metal convinces thanks to its blank changer- and tool changer function, which enables the automatic changing of up to 14 workpieces or of up to 49 milling tools.

For this special occasion all the milling units were presented in a new design. Every single one of the milling units presented at the stand as well as the scanners were equipped with a specially manufactured full glazing in Dolomites-look. The furniture of the “My laboratory”- furniture collection gave the whole stand an unmistakable Zirkonzahn style.

The new interactive students- and trainings software Zirkonzahn.Training also caused a lot of sensation. It presents an ideal tool for learning and practising the correct use of the design software. The playful approach of Zirkonzahn.Training aims at bringing closer the use of the CAD/CAM software to young dental technicians and other who are interested in using the software.

Compact line Milling Unit M1, Milling Unit M4

IDS 2015