Modelling of partial telescopes 

Modelling of partial telescopes with the Zirkonzahn software
With the help of the Zirkonzahn software and the two software modules CAD/CAM telescopic crowns and CAD/CAM attachments you can model partial telescopes with attachments.

Save your case in the archive.

The software detects automatically the position of the implant.

Place the teeth.

Model/change the anatomy of the teeth.

Dimension and design now the primary telescopic crown.

Display the anatomy of the teeth by clicking on the cone symbol.

The displayed anatomy.

The telescope/telescopes can now be individually modelled.

The telescopes and the anatomy of the tooth can also be formed freely.

Place and model the connector.

Choose an attachment.

Position the attachment.

Adapt the attachment to the gingiva.

The assembled modelation can again be formed freely and thus be better designed.

Save the assembled modelation.